Remove Google Account Asus Zenfone 3 Max (X008D) (ZC520TL) Android 7

Bypass Google Account  Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.2″ (X008D) (ZC520TL) Android 7.

Hướng dẫn Remove GOogle Account Zen 3   (X008D) (ZC520TL) chi tiết:

Remove GOogle Account Zen 3:

1. Downloads FIle

2. Thực hiện

Mở “flash_tool.exe” lên và chọn file Scatter vừa tải bên trên tại mục “Scatter-loading

Remove Google Account Asus Zenfone 3 Max  (X008D) (ZC520TL) – Android 7

  • Chọn xong, các bạn chuyển qua mục tab “Format“, chọn tiếp “Manual Format Flash

  • Sau đó điền và 2 mục như sau:

    • Begin Address[HEX]: 0x13c00000

    • Format Length[HEX]: 0x100000Remove Google Account Asus Zenfone 3 Max  (X008D) (ZC520TL) Android 7

    • Điền xong thì bấm Start, tắt hẳn điện thoại và kết nối với máy tính, tool sẽ tự chạy và format phân vùng FRP.

    • Khi báo OK là đã thành công, rút cáp và bật máy lên.

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Chia sẻ ROM Android 5.1.1 SM-J320H full tiếng việt

Chia sẻ ROM Android 5.1.1 SM-J320H full tiếng việt

chia sẻ full file SM-J320H android 5.1.1 full tiếng việt, fix logo, repair imei fix all, rom được dùng để fix lỗi all

Downloasd Here ROM SM-J320H:

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Full file Rom Arbustus MAX 8S MT6580 by SPflashtool

Full file Rom Arbustus MAX 8S MT6580 by SPflashtool

Full file Rom Arbustus MAX 8S MT6580 flash qua  SPFlashTool, AFTool UFI Android Tool..vv

unbrick, repair logo, fix vius free file

Info ROM:

Device Model : Max 8s
Device Brand : alps
Device CPU : MT6580
Device IntName : Max 8s
Android Version : 6.0
Device Compile : 8/29/2017 18:07:08 CST
Device Project : alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.39_magc6580.we.c.m_P21
Device ExtInfo : Max 8s
Description: full_magc6580_we_c_m-user 6.0 MRA58K 1504000883 test-keys
Version: V138_V1.1_HD_80M_XIAOXING_K24C3_B125_2GB_32GB_4D3_MAX_8S+20170829-1807

Downloads Here MAX 8S MT6580

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Full file ROM Firmware Vivo V5 Lite

Full file ROM GỐC Vivo Y53 chip Qualcomm

Full file ROM Firmware Vivo V5 Lite unbrick , fix treo logo by pass, repair firmware , Flash via SPFlashTool, AFTool UFI Android Tool

Download Here V5 Lite ROM:

  • md5: 7364a5623c6374c0d2dc8b3bb7263790

  • Firmware V5 lite : Downloads Here

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Full file 730 DS: RM-1040 flash by ATF done

Full file 730 DS: RM-1040 flash by ATF done, file full tiếng việt link download tốc độ cao flash qua ATF đơn giản


Downloads Here RM-1040:

Full file 730 DS: RM-1040 flash by ATF done
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Download Gapps For Lineage OS All Version Android 6.0, 7.1 , 8.0

Download Gapps for Lineage OS All version Zip

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM mini

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM Aroma

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM stock

  • Gapps Android 7.1Lineage osARM Super

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM 64 aroma

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM 64 micro

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM 64 mini

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM 64 full

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os ARM 64 tvstock

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86 Aroma

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86 Full

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86 Super

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86 Nano

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86 pico

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineageos X86-64 Mini

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86-64 Micro

  • Gapps Android 7.1/Lineage os X86-64 Pico.

Cài đặt ( Install )

  1. Flash via TWRP, CWM

Download Google Apps For Lineage OS 7.1


ARMARM 64X86X86-64

Download Google Apps For Lineage OS 6.0

ARMARM 64X86X86-64
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rom stock oppo A37F remove lock , FRP remove

rom stock oppo A37F remove lock , FRP remove, fix virus, rom này xóa tài khoản Google đơn giản, remove frp a37f, file fix treo logo các lỗi khác

Downloasd Here file A37F :

Install rom firmware A37f :

Bấm cùng lúc Vol + và Vol -, rồi ghim cáp cho máy nhận driver

Press Vol + and Vol - simultaneously, then pin the usb cable to the receiver

open Msm8x39DownloadTool.exe click start => Done

rom stock oppo A37F remove lock , FRP remove

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Rom gốc zenfone 3 max X008D full file flash spflashtool MT6737T


Rom stock Scatter qua Spflashtool Unbrick fix treo logo, remove lock, fix virus, remove google account file đã test.
Zenfone 3 Max X008D (ZC520TL) MT6737T

Info Firmware:

  • Zenfone 3 Max X008D (ZC520TL) MT6737T

  • file size: 1,4G

  • Link: Goole Driver Max speed - up by

Downloads Here:

  1. SP flash Tool

  2. pass:

Rom gốc zenfone 3 max X008D full file flash spflashtool MT6737T
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Rom cook fix full HTC One M7_ul tiếng việt Android 5.0

Rom HTC One M7_ul tiếng việt fix full, remove rarnh tay, rom full tiếng việt đã test...

Yêu cầu:

  • Điện thoại đã được UnlockBootloader

Downloasd File Here:

Hướng dẫn chi tiết:

  1. Các bạn bật chế độ USB Debugging và kết nối điện thoại với máy tính. Sau đó các bạn chạy file recovery.bat trong thư mục TWRP_2.8.4.0_HTC_One_M7 vừa giải nén ở trên. Điện thoại khởi động vào chế độ Fastboot, tiếp tục nhấn phím Enter để nạp recovery cho máy.

  2. Sau khi nạp recovery xong, các bạn bấm phím nguồn để đưa điện thoại về Bootloader, dùng phím giảm âm di chuyển xuống dòng Recovery và bấm phím nguồn để chọn. Điện thoại sẽ khởi động vào recovery.

  3. Ở chế độ Recovery, các bạn chọn INSTALL --> Di chuyển xuống dưới và chọn bản rom --> trong giao diện cài đặt Aroma các bạn có thể tùy chọn các cài đặt theo ý thích của mình và ấn Next để tiếp cài đặt rom.
    Sau khi cài đặt rom xong, các bạn chọn No và quay lại màn hình chính của chế độ Recovery. Chọn tiếp Reboot --> Bootloader.

  4. Điện thoại khởi động vào chế độ Fastboot, các bạn quay lại chọn thư mục TWRP_2.8.4.0 ở trên, nhấn giữ phím Shift+chuột phải và chọn Open command window here. Cửa sổ CMD hiện ra các bạn gõ các lệnh sau (lưu ý: điện thoại vẫn kết nối với máy tính)

    fastboot oem writecid 11111111
    fastboot oem rebootRUU --> Điện thoại khởi động vào chế độ nạp FW
    fastboot flash zip

    - Có thể dòng lệnh này sẽ báo lỗi, các bạn đừng lo, các bạn ấn phím lên hoặc gõ lại dòng lệnh trên và ấn phím Enter là được.

    - Sau khi điện thoại đã được nạp xong FW, các bạn gõ tiếp lệnh fastboot reboot để khởi động lại máy và thưởng thức Android 5.0 trên HTC One M7

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Computer or Laptop?


Pentium 4 desktop computers generally rent for less per unit than notebook and laptop computers. Costs vary by length of time, location, specification and product availability. Monthly computer rentals cost less per day than daily rentals.

Length of Time

Many computer rental companies charge a daily, weekly rate and or a monthly rate. Tech Travel Agents, who book computer rental reservations worldwide, report that Pentium 4 desktop computer rentals start at approximately $149 per week in most markets in the United States and Canada. Based upon computer specification, availability and location required, prices can be 20% to 35% lower or higher.

Monthly rentals typically are around $225, but still dependent upon specification, availability and delivery location.

Location: Office Building or Convention Center

Convention center deliveries are generally more expensive than delivering to a business address. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery / installation room. A convention center complex requires a concerted effort from both the rental company and the company receiving the equipment at the convention center. Often convention center deliveries are more time consuming and costly to deliver, install and pickup afterwards.


Typically a computer rental consists of an Intel Pentium 4, Computer running Windows XP. Standard RAM is 256 to 512mb, 30gb or larger hard drives. Higher computer specifications cost more to rent. For example: if you require advanced graphic cards, more ram, a different operating system or software installed, computer rental rates will increase.


Supply and demand issues come into play in the computer rental business too. Supply can be affected by the number of competitors and total computer rental units (known as a rental pool) in a given market area.

The 21st Century

This century, the rental industry is more complex and dynamic than last. New product innovations such as 82" plasma flat screen displays, and dual core processors, are available for rent. More complex products mean better corporate events. If you are still using an old notebook to run your PowerPoint presentation, consider stepping up to the most modern technology with products from computer rental firms.

Rent for Projects and Save

Renting is perfect for companies hiring temporary employees, attending conferences, tradeshows, providing computer training and engaged in accounting/finance projects. These companies realize lower costs, less use of capital, and no maintenance and write-off expenses.


Source by John Beagle
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Laser Projection Keyboards: Replacing Large and Heavy Wired Keyboards


In the age of tablet computers and smart phones, virtual keyboards are indeed important in typing fast and easy. Because most displays are delicious and most of the time small, having a keyboard that you can carry all the time will make it much easier for you to type normally just about anywhere.

A laser projection keyboard is a new projection technological innovation that features a virtual keyboard outlining on a flat plane. This keyboard will permit you to type whenever, anywhere without cables or even heavy devices. A little device projects the keyboard on non refractive and flat areas like tables, reading stands, and surfaces.

Benefits of Laser Projection Keyboards

With this technology, keyboards are now portable and can be transported just about anywhere without having carrying huge bulks of tools. Virtual laser keyboards can be used with iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and many other types of smart phones that are already out in the market.

The virtual keyboard reflects complete QWERTY keys on the area using a red diode laser. This type of laser does not make use of switches or any type of physical moving components to function. It stands on a square bottom connected to a smart phone or PDA through USB cables or Bluetooth technology.

Each letter you type on the laser keyboard will be registered on your word processor, e-mail, or any kind of programs which require typing. It operates like a normal computer keyboard that you utilize. It is just lightweight, smaller in size, and most of the time, more sensitive. Actually, it can also produce real taping sounds like you commonly hear on usual keyboards.

Utilizing a virtual keyboard, you can take full advantage of the room for typing. Smart phones, tablets, and PDAs usually come with small touch screen keyboards. That's why, individuals with fat digits find it difficult to type. Suggested keyboards offer larger keys that are almost the same with the typical pc keyboard dimension.

Laser keyboards are also easier to keep because you really do not have to clean anything! These keyboards do not have wires and other movable parts to manage and clean as well. Virtual keyboards are never affected with spilled fluid and other factors that might affect a typical computer keyboard.

Disadvantages of Laser Projection Keywords

These keyboards have their downsides too. Virtual keyboards are very hard to bring outdoors because it's tough to have a flat surface outside. In addition to that, excessive lumination specifically the UV light from the sun's light makes it hard for you to see the keyboard. At times, reflection also affects your typing because most surfaces have some level of reflection.

In general, utilizing a laser projection keyboard is beneficial in numerous ways. It may have a few downfalls but like in other devices, you have to handle these disadvantages especially if it can make your life much simpler in return.


Source by Karen Mae L Cordon
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What You Want To Do And What You Don't Want To Do With Your LED TV


When we bought our LED TV we spent big bucks. We took extra care of it because we didn't want to break it. We want it to last and avoid future damages. Here are some things you might want to know regarding the dos and don'ts to your LED TVs.


TV armor is always first on the list when it comes to protecting your TVs. Children are always full of energy specifically the toddlers who loves to throw and bang toy trucks anywhere. Worse, if they throw it at your television. A TV armor protects a fragile LED TV and protects it from future damages without affecting the picture quality it can give you. You can find one in the market or you can search it through internet and buy one online.

Allot a space where you can make a storage area for the cords. Future accidents may be avoided if tangled cords are arranged and kept in a proper storage place. In that way, a person who walks near it will never have to worry tripling over the jungle of wires and cause damage not only to himself but also to your LED TV.

Place your TV at a comfortable viewing angle but preferably situate it at a higher level. That way, you can prevent your kids to reach your prized LED TV.

Consider the TV screen size in relation to the available space in your room.

Place your TV at an appropriate distance in such a way that you are not too close causing you to have eye pain and eye damage in the future.

Explore the parts of your television. You have to use it to the fullest according to the technology it offers you. You bought a TV because of its feature therefore you must not be contented in watching only ordinary TV shows. Use its Wifi ability, connect it to your PC, attached it to a DVD player. There are a lot of things you can do with your TV. You just have to understand its technology.

Take care of your television by giving it time to rest. Let it sleep or put it to standby mode when not in use. Hey, even machines get exhausted.


Don't fail to remember that your LED TV must be out of reach of children. Kids are always curious and like to experiment. You wouldn't want them to experiment with your TV and throw their toys directly at your TV.

Don't leave a mess of tangled cords in your TV area. It could cause injury to both the person around and to your TV.

Don't put your TV to an area where it is too close for you to watch. Doing so may cause eye strain and damage in the long end.

Don't enslave your TV buy leaving it in still turned on mode. Let it rest, let it sleep.

Don't assume that a certain cord should be inserted in any cord if you are not sure. It may result to output error and may cause damage in the long end.

Don't manipulate the controls and adjust your TV without really knowing what you are doing. It may cause undesired picture quality and you may not know how to return it to its default settings. Learn and understand the settings first before changing any category or part of the menu settings.

You can read more information about LED TVs at Led TV Screens


Source by Henry Tavil
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Disadvantages of a Laser Printer


There are very few disadvantages to owning a laser printer in general but one of them is definitely the cost. The money that you could spend on a very high-end inkjet printer will only buy you a very low-end color laser printer with limited capacities. Color laser printers with multi-functions such as a copier and a fax all in one are even more expensive. However a middle of the line black and white laser printer is comparable to the price of a top of the line color inkjet printer.

Another disadvantage is the cost of the cartridges inside a laser printer. Sometimes the cartridges cost almost as much as the printer did which is why many people throw the entire printer out and buy a new one after the cartridge expires in year or two.

The cartridges for laser printers are several times more expensive then the cost of the toner cartridges for inkjet printers. However they do last longer especially if you remember to set the printer in black and white printing mode when printing black and white and only using the color mode when it is really needed. Another way to make an expensive color laser toner cartridge last longer is to keep the printer in low quality mode unless you are printing out the final document.

If you live in a hot or humid climate a laser printer may not be the ideal solution for you. This is because running these machines can make a room very hot. The fuser inside them, which is the device that melts the plastic granules that constitute the powder that makes up the toner onto the paper, heats up to as high as 200 degrees Celsius.

Another limitation of a laser printer is that they only really print on certain kinds of paper. If you want to print out photographs then a laser printer is not for you as they are not yet capable of printing high-resolution images. Also you cannot put photographic paper through a laser printer. For the best quality images you need to buy a bubble jet ink printer that can transfer an image onto photographic paper. The color quality that you get with a bubble jet ink printer is just as good if not better than the color quality that you can obtain with a laser printer. A high-end color printer that produces quality color images can cost as much as $3,500 to $10,000 whereas you can get a good quality ink jet printer for about $200.

Another disadvantage of laser printers is that many of them are limited by the amount of memory that they are sold with. This can sometimes limit the number of fonts that you can use. To expand the memory of your color laser printer you usually have to buy a small RAM board. This is the only reliable way to install memory so that the color laser printer can utilize a number of fonts.

The more expensive a laser printer is the faster it is. The affordable models only print out about four pages a minute. Top end models print out about twelve pages a minute but they are not really affordable for the individual.

Laser printers, especially the color laser printers, can also be heavy and take up a lot of desk space or room in the office. At the time of writing there was also no such thing as a portable laser printer. The reason that a portable laser printer has yet to be invented is because a battery does not yet exist that is small enough to provide laser printer functions with enough power so that it can be taken on the road.


Source by Enid Edginton
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What is the Difference Between CD and DVD Media?


Although both CD and DVD have the same media size and shape, the similarity ends there. There are numerous points of difference between the two, as listed below:

Data pits and lasers

A disc has microscopic grooves that move along in a spiral around the disc. Both CDs and DVDs have these grooves. Laser beams are applied to scan these grooves. As you may be aware, digital information is represented in ones and zeroes. In these discs, very tiny reflective bumps (called ‘lands’) and non-reflective holes (called ‘pits’), which are found alongside the grooves, reflect the ones and zeros of digital information.

Here lies the difference – by reducing the wavelength of the laser (from the 780mm infrared light used in the CD) to 625mm or more infrared light, DVD technology has managed to write in smaller ‘pits’ as compared to the standard CD. This allows for a greater amount of data per track. The minimum length of a pit in a single layer DVD-RAM [] is 0.4 micron, as compared to 0.834 micron for a CD.

Also, the tracks of DVDs are narrower, allowing for more tracks per disc, which again translates into more capacity than a CD.


As explained above, DVDs have smaller ‘pits’ and the lasers have to focus on them. This is done by using a thinner plastic substrate than in a CD, which means that the laser has to pass through a thinner layer, with less depth to reach the pits. It was this reduction in thickness which was responsible for discs that were only 0.6mm thick – half that of a CD.

Data access speeds

DVDs access data at a much faster rate that do CDs. Here is a comparison – a 32X CD-ROM drive reads data at 4M bytes per second while a 1X DVD drive reads at 1.38M bytes per second. That’s even faster than an 8x CD drive!

UDF (Universal Data Format)

Recording formats of CDs and DVDs are quite different. DVDs use UDF (Universal Data Format []). This allows data, video, audio or a combination of all three, to be stored in a single file structure. The advantage of this is that any file can be accessed by any drive, computer or consumer video. CDs, however, are not compatible with this format.


Source by Logan Rokwild
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Bypass J7 Pro J730G J730F google account android 7.0

Cách remove FRP account google  máy J7 Pro J730G J730F android 7.0, bằng cách nạp Combination file và sau đó nạp lại rom gốc, không cần dùng tới box

Share with you not yet know how to remove FRP account google machine J7 J730F J730F Android 7.0, by loading the file Combine and then reload rom root, no need to use to box

Bypass J7 Pro J730G J730F google account android 7.0

Downloasd FIle: (Google Driver)

J7 pro SM-J730G/DS

J7 pro SM-J730F:

How to flash rom by pass:

  1. Odin and driver: Downloasd Odin: Here Driver: Here

  2. Enter Download Mode Galaxy Mobile: Volume down + Home+ Power --->Volume up.

  3. Combine Odin: Add COMBINATION_OXA_FA70_J730XXX file to AP

  4. -> Start

After installation is complete on the Setup and make sure USB debug is enabled (Not enabled, then turn it on)

Flash stock firmware rom:

  1. Enter Download Mode Galaxy Mobile: Volume down + Home+ Power --->Volume up.

  2. Add file ROM on Odin: – Add BL_xxx file to BL

  3. Add AP_xxx file to AP

  4. CP file: empty

  5. Add HOME_CSC_OLB_J730GXXX file to CSC

  6. -> Start Done

Wait for the phone to reboot -> Done

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An Introduction To Projectors


A projector is an apparatus for presenting an enlarged image on a screen from a transparency such as a photographic slide or a film. In a motion picture projector, each frame is held stationary at an illuminated aperture for a brief period, and then advanced by an intermittent sprocket or reciprocating claw, the light being cut off by a rotating shutter during the movement. The soundtrack on the film is reproduced at a separate sound head where the film is moved continuously at a constant speed.

An average projector usually has a picture resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Most of the projectors weigh four to six pounds and come with a carrying case. All of the projectors have varied brightness and contrast levels - usually the brightness varies from 1300 lumens to 1500 lumens. A projector with a brightness of 1400 lumens proves to be a good choice for small to medium-sized, well-lit rooms.

Some of the indispensable parts of a projector are the feed spool, xenon arc lamp, projection lens, optical sound head, take up spool, an aperture, normal lens and rotating shutter. But with the advancement of science, new technologies have come into play. The projectors have become much more advanced in terms of clarity of picture and quality of the pixels. Also, the projectors have found use in everyday households, as new versions of domestic projectors have arrived on the market. The abundance of LCD projectors, DLP projectors and video projectors has enabled the common man to enjoy the experience of a big theater hall in his living room.


Source by Elizabeth Morgan
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Server Security is of Utmost Importance


With the recent onset of technological advancement server security has become vulnerable to numerous threats throughout the web environment. Today, hackers are constantly looking out for any glitch in the web security to enter malicious software to your network that gets installed instantly and automatically. To address such issues every web hosting company needs to opt for the best server security systems and rely on top quality firewall to prevent atrocious software from inflicting their files and network applications.

Your network servers are most important for the existence of your business, so you must be extra careful to maintain the security of your web servers. If once your server gets compromised then your entire network is bound to get compromised too and then it would be very difficult for you to retrieve all your important documents and files. Whether you are a small business or big; and whether you have one server or many, it is essential for everyone to protect their servers because no matter what your entire network relies on your server security. Servers are essential because they store confidential information, valuable resources, your emails and also resources of your entire team. Your clients too rely on your server as it is an important mean of communication and if your server gets down or suffers from security threats then your entire business may come to a standstill. So, basically you tend to lose business, clients, productivity and your most important documents and files.

To ensure the security of your server, always protect your desktops and laptops. You must always backup your important data and protect your network from infiltration by subscribing to network security. Location of your server also matters a lot, so keep your server safely in a room that is far away from the public view. Changing passwords regularly can also be a good step towards ensuring server security. In any dedicated server a good firewall can act as a powerful weapon to detect hacking attempts and notify you of any impending threat. However, all these steps are only precautionary measures as no firewall or anti-virus is 100% effective unless you take care of your systems security by not engaging in mischievous applications and visiting virus infected websites.

Server security can also be maintained by providing least privileges to ensure that no one accesses your website for mischievous purposes. Privileges given on live production server or on the file and network services can induce any malicious user to access sensitive areas of your website such as your web application files and back end data. It is therefore important for your Webmaster to give least privileges to ensure maximum security of your server. User accounts too can be hacked to access your server so you must be sure that default user accounts are deactivated when they are not being used by anyone. Lastly, expert teams performing server security checks can be employed to maintain the security of your network. Today, there are numerous security seals available online that can be used to perform standard and advanced audit of your system to keep your system clean and free from hacking threats.


Source by Sunil Punjabi
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Computer Technology - Is it Good Or Bad?


The 21st century has been the age of so many technological breakthroughs and advances, technologies aimed for one purpose and that is to make the lives of people better by helping them become more efficient in their work. One such technological breakthrough is computer technology.

Computer technology has grown in great proportions starting from a computer with a size that of a room to a small well-designed palm top computer. Computers nowadays have become an indispensable part of the lives of people, especially at work, at companies, businesses, schools, offices and even in homes.

It has made the world smaller, but has it made our world better? It would then lead us to ask whether computer technology is good or bad. Now let us try to look at first some of the bad effects. With the advent of computers and with the internet it has become easy to access pornographic sites, children are more exposed to explicit content; some students would lose focus on their studies as they play computer games. The number of obesity cases has increased and it has been attributed to too much computer activity that led to less physical activity among a number of people.

On the other side of the coin, computers have opened a whole new world of possibilities. It is now easier to gain information on world events; you can even find a job in the internet; you can spread advocacies to a vast number of people all over the world; and most importantly it is now easier to be connected with one another even if you are on the other side of the globe.

Computer technology, just like any other material on earth has been created with a common good in mind. Just like a knife, it has been made to cut and slice food to speed up cooking time for people but it can also be used to kill people, and you cannot ban the use of knives in order to stop killing. And so you can't blame computers for the problems it may have caused for it is the people who use them who caused the problem. It has disadvantages and advantages that must be taken into consideration.

But the problem is not computer technology itself; the problem resides on the people who use it. Computer technology is generally good for it can bring in a lot of good if it is used properly, but can do great harm if used unwisely.

People have choices on how they make use of earth's resources, and that choice will determine how certain materials will affect people, be it good or bad.


Source by Jim Oneil
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Full file ROM gốc Vivo V5s MT6750

Full file ROM gốc Vivo V5s MT6750

rom gốc full file  Firmware Vivo V5s 1713 MT6750 unbrick, fix treo logo, repair firmware Scatter flash qua tool

Info ROM V5s :

  • PD1612DF_EX_A_1.9.16_vivo_mtk_ALPS.M0.MP7.V2.10_mt6750

  • ROM size: 2GB

Downloasd ROM V5s MT6750 HERE

DownloadAgent Downloads

vivo_auth.7z: Downloads
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Full file ROM GỐC Vivo Y53 chip Qualcomm MSM8937

Full file ROM GỐC Vivo Y53 chip Qualcomm

rom gốc full file  Firmware vivo Y53 PD1628F Qualcomm MSM8937 unbrick, fix treo logo cho y53 .

Info rom:

ROM size: 2GB

Downlooad file Y53 Here

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File rom bin fix imei, unbrick Oppo Joy 3 A11W

rom dạng bin backup full by miracle cr@ck -> Downloads Miracle Cr@ck

rom bin oppo j3 a11w
Unbrick fix imei null oke, Rom tess full
ae nào flash rom spflashtool mà imei nul repair not oke thì flash rom này nhé!
bản rom A11w 4gb


File rom bin fix imei, unbrick Oppo Joy 3 A11W

Downloads File Bin A11w

Chi tiết

Full file rom COMBINATION SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 2017 (SM-J530.x)

tổng hợp Full file rom COMBINATION SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 2017 (SM-J530.x)  để remove frp, repair firmware

Downloads FIle Here ( Google Driver)


1.Galaxy J530F:

2.Galaxy J530GM:

4.Galaxy J530Y:

Chi tiết

Full file rom COMBINATION cho Galaxy S8, S8 Plus G950F / FD, G950U, G955F / FD, G955U

Tổng hợp full combination cho s8, s8 plus để remove frp, repair firmware

Download ( Google Driver Full)

Galaxy S8

Tool Flash Odin


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ROM Full Tiếng Việt cho Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tmobile N910T3 6.0.1 Fix Full


ROM tiếng việt, no root cho Samsung Glaxy Note 4 Tmobile N910T3 6.0.1 Fix Full.

rom build .tar nên flash qua odin bình thuwogf nhé


  • Cook từ nền stock N910T3UVS2EPG2 6.0.1 mới nhất

  • Việt hóa 90% mọi ngóc ngách

  • Xóa hết apps của nhà mạng

  • Cài đặt như rom quốc tế,không có 1 tí nào liên quan đến nhà mạng

  • Chuyển mạng 2G/3G thoải mái không Reset

  • Quy hoạch lại toàn hệ thống, loại bỏ các thành phần và các app rác

  • Fix lỗi danh bạ,contact ok

  • Litmit SMS,không giớ hạn kí tự

  • Tự nhận cấu hình 3G Việt Nam không cần set APN

  • Logo và âm thanh khởi động của Samsung quốc tế

  • Thêm các script: Tăng tốc độ khởi động máy, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay, Tăng tốc động Wifi/3G, Google DNS,...

  • Kernel gốc pin tốt,ổn định cao

DOWNLOAD: (Link google drive)


Pass: ( nếu có)

Chi tiết

Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.2.4

Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.2.4 

Sau thành công của "Wifi wps wpa tester" có phiên bản Premium!

Ứng dụng cần người giám sát quyền (root), nếu không nó chỉ hiển thị WPS mặc định.

Các thuật toán được sử dụng:
-vodafone arcadyan
- Nhập pin mặc định của nhiều bộ định tuyến


Nhiều lỗi cố định
-Thêm PIN mặc địn
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ROM STOCK Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (Z3+) E6553 .ftf full flash

ROM STOCK Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (Z3+) E6553  .ftf full flash

ROM STOCK Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (Z3+) E6553 .ftf full flash fix treo logo, fix virus remove google account,

  • E6553_28.0.A.4.8_1295-7703_R6A_.VN.ftf


Downloads E6553 28.0.A.48 .ftf Here

Chi tiết

ROM STOCK SONY C3 D2502 5.1.1 .ftf full flash

ROM STOCK SONY C3 D2502 5.1.1 .ftf full flash

ROM STOCK SONY C3 D2502 5.1.1 .ftf full flash fix treo logo, fix virus remove google account,

  • D2502_19.4.A.0.182.ftf


Downloads HERE .ftf D2502

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Unbick ROM stock Vivo V5S (MT6750) full file flash


Unbick ROM stock Vivo V5S (MT6750) full file flash

ROM stock Vivo V5S (MT6750) flashtool
Unbrick, fix treo logo, virus, …

full file flash qua tool cho mọi người

    • Vivo_V5S_PD1612DF_EX_A_1.9.1_MT6750


Downloasd  ROM VIvo V5s Here

Chi tiết

Free Rom oppo n720 MT6572 full file flash

Free Rom oppo n720 MT6572 full file flash

Free Rom oppo n720 MT6572 full file flash, unbrick, fix hang logo, treo logo flash done file đã test

DOwnloads ROM OPPO N720 HERE

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ROM STOCK Oppo k7 mt6580 Full FIle unbrick

ROM STOCK  Oppo k7 mt6580 Full FIle unbrick

ROM STOCK Oppo k7 mt6580 Full FIle unbrick

k7 mt6580 treo logo fix done , unbrick


Downloads Here

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Hướng dẫn flash file Oppo .ofp File Mediatek & Qualcomm

Bạn không cần mất thời gian " chạy lòng vòng " từ rom này qua rom khác để kích hoạt nút "START" sau 1 thời gian các file .ofp tải về từ trang wep này không thể kích hoạt "START"

Download PdaNet+ for Android


Xem video hướng dẫn chi tiết

Chi tiết

Full file rom , remove frp Infinix X510

Full file rom , remove frp  Infinix X510

Full file rom , remove frp Infinix X510 unbirck, cứu treo logo, fix virus flash qua sp flashtool, xóa tìa khoản google x510

Downloas Here:

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Full rom Unbrick OPPO R11 CPH1707

Full rom Unbrick OPPO R11 CPH1707

Full rom Unbrick OPPO R11 CPH1707 Fix RUNG ok  – Vibrate Only

file gốc oppo A39 đã fix rung done đã test

Downloads Here:

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Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 .ISO 32bit & 64bit

Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) là phiên bản bao gồm bản pro và bản home, khi cài đặt sẽ có tùy chọn như hình dưới:
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions)
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions)

Download Windows 10 Creators Update (Multiple Editions) Version 1703 x86 (32bit)

MD5: 6c8bd404dd95a286b3b3ef3a90e2cb34

Download Windows 10 Creators Update (Multiple Editions) Version 1703 x64 (64bit)

MD5: effccfda8a8dcf0b91bb3878702ae2d8

Download Windows 10 Creators Update Education Version 1703 x86 (32bit)

MD5: b17a423fe652ca2156922884c2fedade

Download Windows 10 Creators Update Education Version 1703 x64 (64bit)

MD5: e0dff4db4f6cc1d2c5b6b275e625a693

Download Windows 10 Creators Update Enterprise Version 1703 x86 (32bit)

MD5: 7f31d89969df62155716e0e4dac7afd5

Download Windows 10 Creators Update Enterprise Version 1703 x64 (64bit)

MD5: 0df79911ceff0f8b5cf4e4aeb1bd1039

Download ISO Windows 10 Anniversary Version 1703 phiên bản N (No Windows Media Player)

Download Windows 10 N Creators Update (Multiple Editions) Version 1703 x86 (32bit)

MD5: 138507f14d5cdb3f1089f9f7e14f5953

Download Windows 10 N Creators Update (Multiple Editions) Version 1703 x64 (64bit)

MD5: 96b458cb0f721a4841b6fa7c4687c987
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Rom STOCK, unbrick Full firmware, remove lock OPPO F3 (CPH1609)

Rom STOCK, unbrick Full firmware, remove lock OPPO F3 (CPH1609)

Rom STOCK, unbrick Full firmware, remove lock OPPO F3 (CPH1609), fix treo logo full flash,







  1. unbrick f3

  2. remove lock oppo f3 cph1609

  3. Full file f3

Chi tiết

EasyDrv7 v7.17.614.1 Beta (06/07/2017) – Cài driver tự động – Offline

Download EasyDrv7 v7.17.614.1 Beta (06/07/2017) mới nhất, hỗ trợ phát hiện driver còn thiếu, driver lỗi thời, cài đặt tự động hoặc update driver cho máy tính và laptop, hoạt động offline, không cần đến mạng, hỗ trợ mọi windows (win xp, win 7, win 8, win 10, 32bit và 64bit), mọi đời máy. Thao tác đơn giản, cài full driver chỉ với 3 click chuột.

Hướng dẫn sử dụng EasyDrv7 mới nhất:

Hướng dẫn dùng EasyDrv7
Hướng dẫn dùng EasyDrv7

Hướng dẫn cài EasyDrv7

Hiện tại chưa có bản EasyDrv7 Việt hóa, các bạn dùng tạm ngôn ngữ tiếng Trung nhé:

  1. Điều quan trọng nhất: nhớ bỏ chọn stick trên menu để không bị cài phần mềm rác.

  2. Sau đó chuyển qua tab như hình thứ 2 nhấn vào các dòng có chữ màu xanh để nó chuyển thành màu đỏ như hình, để không bị cài phần mềm rác khi cài driver.

  3. Quay trở lại trang đầu, bên trái chọn các driver bạn muốn cài hoặc update

  4. Có 3 lựa chọn bên phải, xem chú thích trên hình, tích chọn sau đó nhấn Cài Đặt

  5. Reset lại máy để driver được áp dụng.

  6. Sau khi reset máy xong, nếu bạn vào Device Manager thấy vẫn còn thiếu driver (trường hợp này rất hiếm khi xãy ra đối với máy tính bàn, laptop thì tùy dòng máy, các dòng máy mới WanDrv không hỗ trợ đủ driver…), có thể tự tìm driver còn thiếu đó trên trang tải driver của hãng laptop bạn dùng, hoặc sử dụng các phần mềm tự động tìm, tải, cài và update driver cho máy tính và laptop sau đây:


Download EasyDrv7 dành cho Win 7 32bit: Link Fshare.Vn

Download EasyDrv7 dành cho Win 7 64bitLink Fshare.Vn

Download EasyDrv7 dành cho Win 10 32bitLink Fshare.Vn

Download EasyDrv7 dành cho Win 10 64bitLink Fshare.Vn

Mật khẩu giải nén:

Chi tiết

Download AVG TuneUp + KEY 1 năm – Phần mềm dọn dẹp, tăng tốc máy tính

AVG TuneUp, trước đây được gọi là AVG PC Tuneup, và TuneUp Utilities, là một bộ phần mềm tiện ích cho Windows giúp quản lý, duy trì, tối ưu hóa, cấu hình và khắc phục sự cố hệ thống máy tính. Tính đến năm 2017, 13 phiên bản chính của AVG TuneUp đã được phát hành và số lượng các công cụ tiện ích đã được tăng lên từ 16 đến 35. Theo AVG TuneUp được xếp thứ 5 trên 10 phần mềm hệ thống tốt nhất trong năm 2017.


Với những công cụ tiện ích:

Feature icon DiskSpace


Giải phóng dung lượng ổ cứng



Trình dọn dẹp mạnh mẽ nhất
Làm sạch các tập tin rác ẩn từ 220+ phần mềm máy tính. Hỗ trợ dọn dẹp:

Icons, Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Nero, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows 8 Store, itunes, Steam, Roxio, Origin, Ad-aware, CyberLink, AMP, 879 x 456 px


Feature icon Stopwatch


Giữ cho máy tính của bạn tốc độ cao nhất


Chế độ Turbo
Tắt các tính năng không cần thiết để giải phóng RAM & CPU giúp máy tính hoạt động mạnh mẽ hơn.

Trình quản lý chương trình khởi động cùng windows & chạy nền
Đặt các chương trình không sử dụng để ngủ để tăng sức mạnh của máy tính và cải thiện thời gian khởi động.

Trình tối ưu hoá khởi động
Quét các chương trình làm chậm quá trình khởi động và tắt máy.

Trình hỗ trợ gỡ cài đặt ứng dụng
Xác định và gỡ cài đặt các chương trình không sử dụng, làm sạch các tập tin còn xót lại.

Drive Defrag
Chống phân mảnh ổ cứng, tăng tốc độ ổ cứng



Kéo dài tuổi thọ pin cho laptop của bạn


Economy Mode
Gia tăng đáng kể tuổi thọ pin bằng cách giảm điện năng tiêu thụ của bộ vi xử lý, tắt các ứng dụng nền không cần thiết và giảm điện năng tiêu thụ bởi các thiết bị bên trong và bên ngoài.

Flight Mode
Tiết kiệm pin hơn và tuân thủ các quy định về an toàn của hãng hàng không bằng cách tắt WiFi và Bluetooth chỉ bằng một cú nhấp chuột.


Feature icon Diagnostic


Ngăn chặn mọi hư hỏng


Registry Cleaner
Loại bỏ sự lộn xộn và dọn dẹp registry của bạn để giảm thiểu sự cố hệ thống.

Registry Defrag
Sắp xếp lại registry của bạn để loại bỏ các vấn đề cơ sở dữ liệu.

Disk Doctor
Tìm và khắc phục các sự cố ổ cứng

Shortcut cleaner
Dọn dẹp các shortcut chết cho bạn.


Feature icon Automatic Update

Tự động hoạt động – Đơn giản chỉ cần cài đặt và quên nó đi


Trình cập nhật Phần mềm tự động
Kiểm tra và cập nhật tất cả các phần mềm bạn cài trong máy.

Bảo trì tự động
Tự động thực hiện các thao tác bảo trì, dọn dẹp máy tính theo lịch cho bạn.

Tối ưu hóa Trực tiếp
Luôn ưu tiên tất cả các quy trình để mang lại hiệu suất tối ưu

Automatic Cleaning Updates
Tự động cập nhật để làm sạch tối ưu

Automatic Start-Stop Mode
Kích hoạt lại các chương trình cho một lần sử dụng duy nhất

Update Wizard
Tự động cập nhật version mới nhất cho AVG PC TuneUp

Optimization status
Giúp bạn theo dõi về sức khoẻ máy tính của bạn


Feature icon Settings


Các công cụ mạnh mẽ cho hiệu năng cao nhất


Thuật sĩ sửa chữa
Tìm bản sửa lỗi cho bạn

Process manager
Cung cấp một cái nhìn chi tiết về tất cả các quy trình đang chạy

Registry Editor
Dễ dàng chỉnh sửa registry

Trung tâm cứu hộ
Mọi thứ bạn cần để dễ dàng đảo ngược những thay đổi bạn thực hiện

Kiểm soát hệ thống
Giúp bạn điều chỉnh hơn 400 cài đặt Windows và cài đặt chương trình ẩn

Báo cáo Hiệu suất
Cung cấp lời khuyên về tăng hiệu suất

Xếp hạng chương trình
Các đề xuất của Cộng đồng để giúp bạn thực hiện các quyết định tối ưu hóa tốt nhất

Thông tin hệ thống
Định vị và chữa các ứng dụng đòi hỏi băng thông

Feature icon ShredderFile Shredder
Xóa dữ liệu một cách an toàn.
Feature icon UndeleteUndelete
Khôi phục các tập tin đã xóa.
Feature icon PencilStyler
Cá nhân hoá giao diện của Windows.

Downloads Here

Download AVG TuneUp Online Installer: download tại đây

Download AVG TuneUp Offline Installer 32bit: download tại đây

Download AVG TuneUp Offline Installer 64bit: download tại đây

KEY AVG TuneUp bản quyền 12 tháng:


Sử dụng key này để active bản quyền 6 tháng:


6 tháng sau hết bản quyền tiếp tục dùng key này để có thêm 6 tháng bản quyền nữa:

Chi tiết

ROM STOCK Cứu MÁY Novo 8 Discovery

ROM STOCK CƯU MÁY Novo 8 Discovery

Downloads Here


ROM STOCK Cứu MÁY Novo 8 Discovery

novo 8 full cứu máy, treo logo

Chi tiết

Full 4 File ROM Tiếng Việt Galaxy S5 (SM-G900H) Ver 6.0.1

Full 4 File ROM Tiếng Việt Galaxy S5 (SM-G900H) Ver 6.0.1


Downloads Here





  • Model: SM-G900H

  • Model: name GALAXY S5

  • Country: Vietnam

  • Version: Android 6.0.1

  • Changelist: 7760371

  • Build date: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 11:54:45 +0000

  • Security Patch Level: 2016-07-01

  • Product code: XXV

  • PDA: G900HXXU1CPG2

  • CSC: G900HOLB1CPG1

  • Rom Chuẩn Của Hãng

  • Android 6.0.1 chính phủ, anh em nào đang ở Rom Stock cỏ thể cập nhật qua OTA ngay, hoặc download file Rom full dưới đây về flash qua Odin nhé !

Chi tiết

Free Unlock fix lỗi mất sóng cho Samsung S6 Sprint SM-G920P


  2. Đưa điện thoại S6 về chế độ dowload mode.

  3. Căm cáp vào máy tính

  4. Bật Odin lên, ở ô AP các bạn chọn file unlock sóng ( giải nén ) ở phía trên

  5. Bấm Start và nhận thành quả thôi.

Free Unlock fix lỗi mất sóng cho  Samsung S6 Sprint SM-G920P

Downloads Here


  • Unlock  Samsung S6 Sprint SM-G920P

  • Unlock fix lỗi mất sóng cho Samsung S6 Sprint SM-G920P

Chi tiết


.ftf (2) A3 (2) A39 (1) A5 (2) A520F Android 7.0 (1) A520FXXU2BQIE (1) A57 (1) A7 (2) A7108 rom 7.0 (1) A77 (1) A8 (2016) (1) A8 (2017) (1) App Android (1) ASUS (22) Asus K012 Unbirck (1) AU SCV35. (1) AVG TuneUp (1) AVG TuneUp full crack (1) BOX UPDATE (4) BOX-SETUP (4) by pass pixel xl (1) Clone (2) clone j7 (1) combination J7+ (1) D2202 (1) D2305 (1) D626ph (1) DESIRE 310 DUAL SIM D310W (1) DESIRE 620G (1) DOWNLOAD QGDP TOOL (1) DUMP FILE (1) EasyDrv7 (1) EasyDrv7 crack (1) EFS (1) EFS Samsung Note 5 SM-N9208 (1) eng root (1) Error List SP Flash Tool Mediatek MTK (1) F1f / F1fw (1) F3 amp; F3 Plus (1) factory rom C7 (1) Falcon crack (1) Falcon v1.5 (1) file bin a11w (1) file combination s8 (1) file combination s8 plus (1) file e6553 (1) file N525 (1) file nokia 230 (1) file oppo .ofp (1) file s7 edge SCV33 (1) Firmware Oppo F1f / F1fw (1) firmware vivo v5 (1) fix full sm-g920p (1) fix lỗi mất sóng S6 SM-G920p (1) flash file .ofp (1) FPT F51 (1) FRP (8) FRP Google Pixel xl (1) frp j7max (1) frp samsung (1) frp samsung J7 PRIME g610f (1) frp sm-c710f (1) frp zenfone 3 mâx (1) full file 820q (1) full file a71 (1) full file Alcatel One Touch 5037X (1) full file Arbustus MAX 8S (1) 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