Laser Projection Keyboards: Replacing Large and Heavy Wired Keyboards


In the age of tablet computers and smart phones, virtual keyboards are indeed important in typing fast and easy. Because most displays are delicious and most of the time small, having a keyboard that you can carry all the time will make it much easier for you to type normally just about anywhere.

A laser projection keyboard is a new projection technological innovation that features a virtual keyboard outlining on a flat plane. This keyboard will permit you to type whenever, anywhere without cables or even heavy devices. A little device projects the keyboard on non refractive and flat areas like tables, reading stands, and surfaces.

Benefits of Laser Projection Keyboards

With this technology, keyboards are now portable and can be transported just about anywhere without having carrying huge bulks of tools. Virtual laser keyboards can be used with iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and many other types of smart phones that are already out in the market.

The virtual keyboard reflects complete QWERTY keys on the area using a red diode laser. This type of laser does not make use of switches or any type of physical moving components to function. It stands on a square bottom connected to a smart phone or PDA through USB cables or Bluetooth technology.

Each letter you type on the laser keyboard will be registered on your word processor, e-mail, or any kind of programs which require typing. It operates like a normal computer keyboard that you utilize. It is just lightweight, smaller in size, and most of the time, more sensitive. Actually, it can also produce real taping sounds like you commonly hear on usual keyboards.

Utilizing a virtual keyboard, you can take full advantage of the room for typing. Smart phones, tablets, and PDAs usually come with small touch screen keyboards. That's why, individuals with fat digits find it difficult to type. Suggested keyboards offer larger keys that are almost the same with the typical pc keyboard dimension.

Laser keyboards are also easier to keep because you really do not have to clean anything! These keyboards do not have wires and other movable parts to manage and clean as well. Virtual keyboards are never affected with spilled fluid and other factors that might affect a typical computer keyboard.

Disadvantages of Laser Projection Keywords

These keyboards have their downsides too. Virtual keyboards are very hard to bring outdoors because it's tough to have a flat surface outside. In addition to that, excessive lumination specifically the UV light from the sun's light makes it hard for you to see the keyboard. At times, reflection also affects your typing because most surfaces have some level of reflection.

In general, utilizing a laser projection keyboard is beneficial in numerous ways. It may have a few downfalls but like in other devices, you have to handle these disadvantages especially if it can make your life much simpler in return.


Source by Karen Mae L Cordon


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